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Our work is driven by genuine passion for sport and innovative concepts.


For our customers, “We offer unique sport experiences that make a positive impact on people’s life and their wellbeing”.


For our employees, “We stimulate an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit to achieve maximum results for our customers wellbeing as well as their own.”


We aim to attract customer-focused and sport-minded professionals who share our passion for our customers wellbeing as well as their own. We are looking for people who truly believe in the power of sports and who want to help us create great experiences that are accessible for everyone.If you are a passionate and resourceful professional in the sport industry and want to work for an entrepreneurial organization, we invite you to apply for one of our vacancies.


As an Online Marketeer and growth hacker, you are responsible for the activation of all digital channels and growth of the SwimGym community. This includes working with new content, creating and editing of videos and designing and managing projects.
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